Helium Tank Rental:

We rent Helium Tanks

Helium is a non-flammable, compressed gas.  Helium Tanks must be secured to prevent them from falling over.  Never place Tank near furnace, radiator or any other source of heat.  Never inhale Helium, especially directly from the Tank, as this can cause suffocation, serious injury or death.  Never allow children to touch or operate the equipment. When following these simple safety precautions, helium is easy and fun to use.  However, because the use of the rental equipment is out of our control, The Balloon People LLC is not responsible or liable for any damages or injuries to persons and/or property arising from customer’s use.

Typical float times when balloons are used indoors
11 inch               12 hours
16 inch                30 hours
36 inch                3 days

* These are estimates based on typical indoor conditions. Flying time will be less if outdoors, typically lasting half as long in hot, humid weather.

Helium Tank Exchanges:

Helium cylinder exchange:

We exchange your 292 CU FT empty helium cylinder for a full helium cylinder.

*We exchange helium cylinders to private, businesses, and corporate accounts.

*For business and corporate accounts we offer terms of net15.

*With the world wide helium shortage, we have had no issues sourcing our helium thus far.